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Bharatanatyam Training online

~ Traditionally it was believed that one has to be a born dancer to learn this art form. But later it has evolved and has come to how passionate you are to become a full fledged bharatanatyam practitioner !  ~



Thank you so much for this wonderful workshop. It was a great experience learning from you both. The song and choreography was beautifully done and the way you explained it was very much understandable. I totally loved the song and the whole experience.

Thank you again for this beautiful opportunity to learn from you.


Pooja Nandini



Basic Adavu batch, Intermediate & Advanced Intensive adavu as well as Bharatanatya Maargam repertoire from Invocatory to Thillana which also include composed and choreographed dance pieces by Sri.Venkatakrishnan. (Please check the Compositions page), All classes are held via zoom. 


We offer workshops to the intermediate and advanced level students around the globe who are passionate and interested in learning new Bharatanatyam pieces its techniques, nuances, musicality and philosophical interpretations as our outreach program. 

Our upcoming and past


Here, one would get benefit from all the aspects of learning bharatanatyam as an one on one conventional training method, since it has been followed for a long time and its still worth it,

if you want to learn this art form more seriously, we would say you go for this! 

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